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IADA 2021 Conference

Thank you for a great conference... and see you in Moscow!

The 2021 conference is now over. Thanks to your participation, we engaged with 47 papers, in a new hybrid format that was new to IADA, as we listened to video presentations ahead of time and dedicated our time together to conversation. We also benefited from the expertise of 5 keynote speakers — Linda Putnam, Daniel Weinstock, Chaim Noy, Theresa Castor and Edda Weigand — who, each in their own way, invited us to think beyond some of the taken-for-granted assumptions of dialogue studies.

It is now already time to turn our attention to the future, as the Call for Papers of the 2022 IADA conference in Moscow is already out! The conference will also be in a hybrid format, allowing both in-person and remote participation.

Update: The 2022 Moscow conference has been cancelled due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Two publication options for your paper

Following the IADA tradition, a call for papers is now out for two publication options: a special issue of Language and Dialogue, as well as a edited volume in the Dialogue Studies series at John Benjamins. You are also welcome to send out your paper for a regular issue of Language and Dialogue, for instance if your work is less directly related to the conference theme. In all cases, the instructions are detailed in the Call for Papers. 

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The conference is over, and you’re surely already waiting anxiously for the next one in Moscow, but in the meantime, IADA is still active! To keep in touch, consider becoming a member if you haven’t done so yet, and make sur to receive our newsletters.



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If you are fully registered to the conference and have received a password, you can access the full conference program.

Pr. Theresa Castor, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Pr. Chaim Noy, Bar Ilan University
Pr. Linda Putnam, University of California, Santa Barbara
Pr. Dr. Edda Weigand, University of Münster
Pr. Daniel Weinstock, McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy

Conference dates

November 1-5, 2021 


The conference is online only.
Participants have access to the videos and zoom sessions.

In the meantime, discover Sherbrooke and Montréal virtually!